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Building the Future with Pride and Tradition

Our highly specialized team of experienced trust professionals are dedicated to the successful administration of First Nation Trusts and supporting the financial development of First Nations and their membership.  At one time, First Nation Trusts were simply vehicles to facilitate payment on specific claims. Today they have evolved to include impact benefit arrangements and economic development structures that promote growth and innovation for First Nations. Peace Hills Trust is an industry leader in adapting to the changing Trust environment.

The company mission and focus is to partner with our clients on a long term basis to help them achieve their financial goals. Our team is committed to working with First Nations by guiding them through the complex issues involved in establishing and administering Trusts. At Peace Hills, we know the First Nation trust business because our team deals only with First Nation trusts, and have been doing so for over 40 years.


What makes us a Successful Team

We bring an experienced team of individuals dedicated to the success of our clients.  We have an FCPA, a CPA, a CFA, two MBA’s, an MTI, a Harvard educated communications expert and a UK educated finance and international economics member on the team. We have over 100 years of combined experience.  


​Trustee and Administrative Services

Peace Hills Trust offers a full range of Trustee and Administrative services tailored to the needs of First Nations.

  • Ongoing education to leadership, co-trustees, and communities
  • Custody and safekeeping of all trust property
  • Audit and annual report of the Trustees
  • Monthly financial reports
  • Quarterly investment performance & compliance reports
  • Payment of authorized expenses & distributions of annual income
  • Newsletters to membership
  • Meetings as and when requested
  • Drafting Council resolutions as requested

Investment Consulting Services

  • Manager searches
  • Investment policy development
  • Performance reviews
  • Ongoing monitoring of performance & compliance​
  • Investment education and capacity building with Trustees and Council


​Peace Hills Trust offers specialized assistance to First Nation Trustees by providing a full range of custody, administrative, and financial institution services. Peace Hills provides training workshops for all agency services.


Investment Management

​​Selecting and monitoring investment managers has become a key responsibility for Trustees. When clients come to us with their Trust, we have the capability of hiring and working with the top independent investment professionals in Canada.  These firms have the type of First Nation experience that we demand for our clients.  We put together an investment team that is suited to the unique needs of our clients. There is no ‘one size fits all’ at Peace Hills.


Building Capacity

Peace Hills Trust is committed to building Trust and Investment capacity in First Nation communities by hosting complimentary workshops throughout Canada. In addition, we provide comprehensive training sessions to Chiefs, Councils and new Trustees on the operation of their Trust.


Our Industry – Supporting First Nation Communities

All our clients are treated with honour and dignity while we strive to add value to each relationship.  With 4 decades of experience in managing trusts and over $1 Billion in assets under management, we pride ourselves on evolving and growing with our First Nation partners.