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​Banking for your First Nation

Benefit from in-depth support customized to your community

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A basic business account that allows you to:

  • Issue cheques and pre-authorized payments.
  • Receive electronic payments.
  • Make in branch deposits for same-day availability.
  • Receive monthly statements for all account transactions.

A combination of loan and deposit services.

Loan Services

Provides a line of credit to assist with the day to day operations of a business or First Nation.Credit limit established based on a percentage of the annual budget or proven cash flow.Credit limit subject to annual review and approval.Interest is calculated daily on the outstanding balance at the Peace Hills Trust prime rate plus an incremental percentage.

Deposit Services

Issue cheques and pre-authorized payments.Receive electronic payments.Make in branch deposits for same-day availability.

Other Benefits

Receive monthly statements for all account transactions.One-time, no penalty early redemption feature for Guaranteed Investment Certificates limited to 20% of the GIC amount.


Annual operating fee charged as a percentage of the amount of the credit limit. Covers all transaction costs.


A Guide to Deposit Accounts and Service Fees - Business Deposit Accounts


This Guide provides details on Business Deposit Accounts offered by Peace Hills Trust, including Related Account Information and applicable Service Fees.

View the Guide to Business Accounts and Service Fees


Ways to bank

Oversee your Nation’s finances with ease in-branch, online or out and about. 


Ways to pay

Effortlessly manage your community’s cash flow with our secure payment tools.


Why bank with Peace Hills Trust?


​Have banking questions?

Don’t hesitate to reach out. Our expert team is always here and happy to help.

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​Tailored on-reserve lending

Build the infrastructure your Nation needs with financing customized to your project.


Your Resource Library


AFOA Canada, opens in a new tab

AFOA Canada helps Indigenous people better manage and govern their communities and organizations.

Canadian Council for Aboriginal Business

CCAB builds bridges between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal peoples, businesses, and communities.

​No matter your community’s goals, our team has decades of specialized experience to help you get there.

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