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  • Upload payment files or manage payments online via a secure Internet connection.
  • Payment files can be created from many accounting software packages.
  • Provides separate record creation and authorization functions for manual payment entry.
  • Email notifications for file transmissions.
  • Online report retrieval.
  • Online help is available for quick reference.
  • Review historical transactions online.
  • An audit trail of file transmissions and data entry is provided.

Benefits for Payables

  • Reduce the cost associated with cheque production, reconciliation and storage.
  • Reduce risk and cost associated with lost, stolen or damaged cheques.
  • Employee, supplier and other payments are conveniently deposited directly into the account of their choice at virtually any financial institution in Canada.
  • Ensure payments are on time and valued on the due date.

Benefits for Receivables

  • Save your customers the expense of writing and mailing cheques.
  • Reduce your handing of cheques.Reduce NSF cheques.
  • Minimize payment errors and delays.

For more information about Wire Transfers contact your nearest Regional Office.

Credit, debit and prepaid cards are today’s consumer currency of choice. The Everlink Merchant Acquiring Program (MAP) offers you the advanced technology and competitive rates that can help you meet the payment needs of your customers.

Increased Sales & Average Ticket Size

Card payment methods make your products and services more readily available to current and potential customers.  Giving your customers another way to pay for their purchases can help boost the average sale.

Improved Customer Service & Satisfaction

Customers appreciate a choice of payment method.  Card acceptance can help improve customer service by offering the speed, flexibility and convenience of electronic payments.  More customers will be able to buy from a business that accepts cards.

Improved Speed, Efficiency & Cash Flow

Card transactions can save time and money by minimizing cash handling and payment reconciliation.  Automated settlement allows funds from the transaction to be deposited directly into your bank account.  Electronic payment acceptance for B2B payments can minimize the waiting for cheques to clear, or for invoices to be paid.

Enhance Your Business Image

By accepting debit and credit cards, you gain valuable creditability in the eyes of both current and potential customers.  Once you start accepting electronic payments, you can display the appropriate card logos and decals at your place of business or on your business cards, brochures, or website. Studies show that when you display credit card logos as forms of payment you accept, these logos create a sense of ‘trust’ in your customers mind. It will add to the legitimacy of your business.

Competitive Flat Rate Pricing

Low cost pricing allows you to qualify for the lowest interchange rates charged by Interac®, Visa®, Mastercard® and other card networks. And, there are no hidden costs – what we tell you before you sign the contract is what you’ll see in the contract and on your statement.

Leading Edge Technology

Fast and reliable transaction processing is crucial to the success of your business. We deliver the latest CHIP & PIN technology and PCI compliant POS equipment. These advancements in technology allow you to accept Interac Flash®, as well as Mastercard® and Visa® contactless transactions.

Dedicated Customer Service and Support

We work directly with you and an Everlink Merchant Solutions representative to ensure the smooth and efficient operation of your account. Everlink Merchant Solutions offer in-depth, point-of-sale (POS) training so you know how to conduct transactions most efficiently. When you have a question or need information, the Merchant Help Desk is available between 7am and 2am Eastern and our systems are monitored 24 / 7 / 365 to support reliable processing capabilities.

Easy-to-Read Monthly Processeing Statement

Your statements will be condensed, easy to read, categorized by card type showing expected deposits and transaction fees. This allows you to balance and reconcile monthly. Merchant Discount Rate Fees and Processing fees are deducted from your transaction account on a monthly basis following your actual activity.

To sign up or learn more about the Everlink Merchant Acquiring Program, speak with a Peace Hills Trust representative today!

Partner in Payments

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