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    Peace Hills Trust Indigenous Art Contest Winners - Past and Present

    Past and Present Art Contest Winners

    Once an artist places in the Peace Hills Trust Indigenous Art Contest, their art piece then becomes a part of the Peace Hills Trust art collection for years to come.  A collection that will stand the test of time and will remain a part of Peace Hills Trust history.   

    Previous Years Winners

    First Place

    Title: Star Horse
    Artist: Angela Hall (Aguenus)
    Medium: Mixed Media on Panel
    Size: 40" in diameter

    Second Place

    Title: Louis Nautuasis
    Artist: Katie-Jo Louis
    Medium: Acrylic on Canvas
    Size: 17" x 21"

    Third Place

    Title: Chief Victor Buffalo
    Artist: Shawnee Danielle
    Medium: Oil on Canvas with Beads
    Size: 20" x 24"

    2020 Calendar Images Comprised of Past Winners

    This calendar had images of all previous 38 years of first place winners due to the cancellation of the Indigenous Art Contest. The first (and hopefully only) time the contest has ever been cancelled.

    2020 Calendar Images comprised of Past Winners - Artists & Titles

    This image was the back of the 2020 calendar and served as context of all images on the front.

    First Place

    Title: Rebirth
    Artist: Tyler Tobacco

    Second Place

    Title: Resilience
    Artist: Darby Havrelock

    Third Place

    Title: Red Dress Special
    Artist: Asini Duquette