PHT Annual Indigenous Art Contest

Peace Hills Trust Indigenous Art Contest

Every year, since 1982, Peace Hills Trust hosts an Annual Indigenous Art Contest in support of our rich Indigenous Culture. The winner’s piece is then featured on our coveted wall calendar. To coincide with the Art Contest, Peace Hills Trust hosts an Art Show where all remaining entries have a chance to be sold with 100% of the proceeds going directly back to the artist.  1st Place Winner will receive $5000.00, $3000.00 goes to the 2nd Place Winner and 3rd Place will win $2000.00. That’s $10,000.00 total prizes for the Adult category. Watch for our Contest poster & entry form coming soon.

The Annual Contest & Show have proved to be an integral part of shaping our proud history and will remain an ongoing contribution to our Company’s support of Native Culture & Tradition.

It is with apprehension and a heavy heart that we have decided to cancel the 2020 Peace Hills Trust Art Contest and Show.  These two events are an integral part of our unique history and due to the uncertain times this year has given us, we have decided to hold off for the time-being.  The health and safety of our artists, community, and staff are the #1 priority of Peace Hills Trust.  Therefore, it is with that in mind that this year’s art contest and show have been cancelled due to COVID-19 until 2021.  We will see you next year!  Keep on being creative and be safe!

Here are Frequently Asked Questions for all art contest participants.


How do I enter the contest? Expand/Collapse

Obtain a contest entry form from your closest Peace Hills Trust Regional Office or download one from  Read the Contest Entry Rules.  Pack up your art work and entry form and send to :

        Peace Hills Trust Art Contest
        10th Floor, 10011 – 109 Street NW
        Edmonton AB T5J 3S8

I have a sculpture I want to enter. Can I submit that? Expand/Collapse

Unfortunately no, the Peace Hills Trust Art Contest only allows for 2-dimensional art pieces suitable for framing.

What is 2-dimensional? Expand/Collapse

A work of art having its elements organized in terms of a flat surface, especially emphasizing the vertical and horizontal character of the picture plane.  (

Is there a theme to the art contest? Expand/Collapse

No.  There is no theme.

Does the art have to have Indigenous content like teepees and feathers? Expand/Collapse

No.  As long as the person who creates the art is of Indigenous descent (First Nations, Inuit, Metis) then it doesn’t matter what the subject is of.

Can I enter more than one piece of art? Expand/Collapse

Yes.  The rules state that adults can enter up to 10 pieces and all youth can enter up to 3 pieces.

What happens if you win the contest? Expand/Collapse

1st Place Winner will receive $5000.00 and your art piece will be featured on our wall calendar as well as an all expensed paid trip to our Art Show for that year.  2nd Place wins $3000 and is featured on our desk calendars.  3rd Place wins $2000.00 and is featured on our Christmas cards.  All winning entries then become a part of the Peace Hills Trust private collection.

The contest is over now. Where is my art? Expand/Collapse

Peace Hills Trust has a coinciding Art Show after the Art Contest is over.   Your art piece will be in the art show with a chance to be sold and 100% of the proceeds sent back to you.  Unless you do not want your art to be in the show then please contact us, and we will send your art back to you.

Does Peace Hills Trust judge the contest? Expand/Collapse

No.  Peace Hills Trust does not judge the art contest.  Peace Hills Trust appoints independent (non-staff) adjudicators to judge the contest.  These adjudicators are different every year.

Can I email a jpeg of my art for the contest? Expand/Collapse

No.  Peace Hills Trust requires that you send the original art piece.

Can I send in a photocopy of my art piece? Expand/Collapse

No.  See answer to previous question.
Still don’t see your question listed here?  Please call 1.800.661.6549 and ask for Erin.  She will answer your question for you.