Trust Services

Trust Services

Our highly specialized team of experienced trust professionals is 100% dedicated to the successful administration of First Nation Trusts and supporting the financial development of First Nations and their membership.  At one time, First Nation Trusts were simply vehicles to facilitate payment on specific claims. Today they have evolved to include impact benefit arrangements and economic development structures that promote growth and innovation for First Nations. Peace Hills has been an industry leader in adapting to the changing Trust environment.

As the industry leader, we aspire to maintaining honour and dignity in all dealings while ensuring that value is added to each relationship.  With over 35 years of experience in managing Trusts, we pride ourselves on evolving and growing with our First Nation partners.

Services Features

  • Corporate Trustee and Co-Trustee Appointments
  • Administrative Assistance
  • Investment Management Searches & Monitoring
  • Training with Council, Trustees and Membership Individual

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The Peace Hills Trust Team

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