CAFT Service

CAFT Service

The Customer Automated Funds Transfer service is for organizations that make recurring payable payments such as payroll or collect recurring receivable payments such as loan payments.


  • Upload payment files or manage payments online via a secure Internet connection.
  • Payment files can be created from many accounting software packages.
  • Provides separate record creation and authorization functions for manual payment entry.
  • Email notifications for file transmissions.
  • Online report retrieval.
  • Online help is available for quick reference.
  • Review historical transactions online.
  • An audit trail of file transmissions and data entry is provided.   

Benefits for Payables

  • Reduce the cost associated with cheque production, reconciliation and storage.
  • Reduce risk and cost associated with lost, stolen or damaged cheques.
  • Employee, supplier and other payments are conveniently deposited directly into the account of their choice at virtually any financial institution in Canada.
  • Ensure payments are on time and valued on the due date. 

Benefits for Receivables 

  • Save your customers the expense of writing and mailing cheques.
  • Reduce your handing of cheques.
  • Reduce NSF cheques.
  • Minimize payment errors and delays.

For more information about Customer Automated Funds Transfer contact your nearest Regional Office.