First Nation Housing

First Nation Housing

We understand the unique aspects of lending on-reserve.  There may be several options in financing on-reserve housing, dependent on the First Nation: 

  • First Nation Land Management Regime
  • Designated Lands under the Indian Act
  • Ministerial Loan Guarantees, with or without CMHC
  • CMHC Insured On-Reserve Housing
  • Assignable Own-Source Revenues
  • First Nations Market Housing Fund

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Financing on-reserve housing is a primary part of our business. We understand that at times this requires unique lending solutions, as there is no one-size fits all solution. That’s why we don’t have a housing program your First Nation has to fit into. We will work with your unique needs and capacity.

Any one of our qualified lenders will be pleased to discuss on-reserve housing financing options and provide the needed guidance to help you achieve your Nation’s goals.