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Peace Hills Trust is Canada’s largest and oldest First Nations owned federally regulated financial institution, and is also Canada’s only independent Trust Company.
Driven by a vision to satisfy the unique financial needs of the Native community, the Samson Cree Nation embarked on an ambitious project in 1972 which culminated with the incorporation of Peace Hills Trust on November 19, 1980.  Nearly 40 years has passed since that historic day when Peace Hills Trust first opened its doors.   
We were founded with the objective of providing financial and trust services, on a national basis, to First Nations and their communities.  The company has a primary market in First Nations’ administrations, their businesses and in their members.  Peace Hills Trust has a regional branch concept to position itself, on or off reserve, to serve the largest number of First Nations’ customers in a given area.  In addition to First Nations’ business, we have many opportunities with non-First Nations customers.   
We’re proud that we are fulfilling the predictions of the founding members who worked hard to get our Company set in motion.

* “A day that I will long remember, a proud day.”
Chief Jim Omeasoo, Samson Cree Nation

* “I hope our band will grow and prosper, be an example across Canada and continue to set precedents.”
Jean Chretien (Honorary Chief White Owl),
Federal Minister of Indian Affairs

* “Peace Hills Trust Company will become nationally significant in the emergence of a truly self-reliant Indian society, freely contributing its full share to the healthy development of this great nation.”
Victor Buffalo, Samson Cree Nation Councillor,
Director & Member of the
Executive Committee, Peace Hills Trust

*quotes circa 1980

Welcome to Peace Hills Trust

Peace Hills Trust is Canada’s paramount First Nation Financial Institute, offering commercial and retail banking services since 1980. We work with you to create common sense financial solutions. Our competitive deposit and loans rates make us second to none. With Regional Offices conveniently located across the country, we are here to assist you.